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History of Hobé®

The Hobé family has been creating artistic, exquisite and original “Jewels of Legendary Splendor” since the 1800’s. Originality in design has always been the ideal standard of Hobé® creations, with its careful attention to detail, not readily discernible to the untrained eye. Today Hobé® takes painstaking care in the handling, shaping and finishing of every jewelry item that bears its hallmark.

With antecedents in France the Hobé family has continued to influence worldwide fashions for the past century. They have not only created the most diversified types of one of a kind jewels, utilizing real gems and semi-precious metals, but are also outstanding for their high style fashion jewelry.

The era of motion pictures blended the Hobé® artistry with stars of Hollywood. Their publicity agent, Helen Ferguson, used Hobé® creations with many of her famous clients. The following illustrations show some of these stars adorned with Hobé® jewels of legendary splendor.

Madonna Jewels® is a division of Hobé® Jewelry that creates limited editions of current appeal. Two-gether represents its newest unique concept.



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